27 April 2011

It's official! We're expecting!!!

I'm going to be a "grandmother" again!  Miska visited the vet's this morning for an ultrasound and she's definitely expecting! We counted 5 pups for sure; maybe 6. These procedures aren't always accurate.  But I am relieved it's not going to be a huge litter of 10 or something like that. Miska had 6 in her first litter and given she's going to be 8 years old soon, a medium-sized litter will be just perfect for her and me.  Oh yes, puppies are due June 1.

Mozel Tov to Miska and papa Ch Pirok Tegla MH ("Brick")!

To see more photos of Brick, the dad-to-be, click here which will take you to the Varazs website.

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