26 April 2011

Agility training

I had to repeat Intermediate 1 classes at the Jumping Chollas Agility Club because neither Miska nor Diva had mastered the weave poles.  That was OK because there was a lot of new stuff that I'd never done before after being out of agility for many, many year so it was as much for my benefit that we repeated the course as it was for them.

Well after considerable practice over months, they havealmost  fully mastered the weaves.  At week 4, we did a mini-course - well, not that mini because there were 17 obstacles and a couple of the setups were really challenging for novice dogs:  a discrimination exercise with a tunnel and the dog walk and a box jump. Nevertheless, in her first run-through, Miska had a clean run!!!  I was so proud of her, especially as she is almost 8 and much of this is still new for her plus she's pregnant. (Don't worry, she only jumped 12" high jumps.)

This is the first part of  Miska's run. My hubbie was more intent on watching us than filming so part of our run didn't get taped!

Here is Miska coming off the dog walk and over the last jump.

This is Diva running her course (she has a lot of difficult with the box jump layout and misses the weave entry).

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