24 October 2010

Travelling with Man's Best Friend

Do you travel with your dogs in your car or van?  If you own a dog, of course you do! Otherwise, how would you get your best friend to the vet or the groomer or to training or to a dog show?  But, is your dog loose in your vehicle or stowed safely in a crate?  Ever watched videos or TVC commercials of test dummies in supervised vehicle crashes?  If yes, then you know what happens to humans even when they are restrained by seat belts and protected now by airbags.

Traveling with Man's Best Friend loose - or worse, loose or tied up by its collar in the open cab of a truck (I want to shoot people who do this) -  inside a vehicle is dangerous to the dog and ALSO extremely dangerous to the driver and any passengers.

I just came across a very revealing article, the link for which is found below. PLEASE read it and if you don't restrain your canine properly and safely before reading this, then you don't deserve to be owned by a dog.  This explains why I now specifically put into my sales agreements a requirement that the owner always travels with his/her Vizsla in a crate or restrained by a secure harness. Even if you use a safety harness, you'd better check whether it will withstand high force.  Please don't risk your dog's life when traveling! Protect your furry buddies!


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