5 October 2010

Scenes from Wine Circuit

Here are some photos taken while I was at the Wine Circuit shows (Sept 30 - Oct. 3) at Romulus, NY and while staying with Pauline, a friend/owner of Katya, one of my Vizslas who lives in Ithaca, NY. Katya is Cdn CH Varazs Sziv Jump for Joy, Am RE.

Taughannock Falls, Ulysses, NY. After the area got 4-8 inches of rain on Sept. 30, the falls were mighty impressive!

L-R, Sisters Katya & Miska, 7 yr old

Full Siblings: Vadasz, Miska, Katya

Katya with her beautiful head

Vadasz, looking sleepy after getting drops in his eyes for the CERF eye test

My friend Pauline with Diva (2 yr old)

L-R  Quest, Diva (2 yr old & full sibs), Miska & Vadasz (7 yr old & full sibs)
 Miska is the mother of both Diva & Quest.

Gary Krammer with the 2 new title holders: Miska RAE & Vadasz CH

Gary & Vadasz finishing the Honor exercise in Rally Excellent.
 You can see more about Vadasz & Miska on their webpages by clicking on their names.

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