20 October 2010

1,2,3,4,5 - bang, bang, bang

5 Trials, 5 Q's 
(& 2 Second & 2 First Place Finishes)

This past weekend was "Tyro's weekend". I entered Tyro (DOB June 17, 2006) in a combination of 5 rally-obedience and obedience trials in two days at the London Canine Association shows in Tillsonburg, ON on October 16 and 17. Since he had never competed in both types of trials at the same venue or even more than one trial in a day, I didn't know how he would handle the stress. Added to all of this is the fact that Tyro doesn't like to travel and we had had no opportunity to practice for about two weeks since I had been traveling and he's never been entered in a formal practice match before. So it was a big gamble and potentially very expensive (at $28/trial) if he didn't qualify.

However, Tyro not only achieved my hopes but exceeded my expectations:
  1. Three qualifying scores in Rally Advanced with scores of 93, 96 and 100 to complete his RA title which included2 second place finishes and a first place (with his score of 100) in rally
  2. Two qualifying scores in Novice A obedience with scores of 184 and 191 which included1st place / High in Class in Novice A with his score of 191 
Tyro's 'software' haul of ribbons & rosettes
So it was 1,2,3,4,5 - five trials and five qualifying scores, a new title and 2/3's of the way to another title which is how I like to do trials!

(Unfortunately Saturday's obedience trials were full so we only got into two trials on Sunday. Given his achievements, I am now confident Tyro would have finished his CKC CD (Companion Dog) obedience title if we had gotten into one more trial that weekend.  Oh well, it just gives us more time to practice his off-leash heeling (where he lost most points) in readiness for two more obedience and rally trials in mid-November.)


  1. Tyro, what a great accomplishment! You're a wonderful Vizsla.

  2. Sylvia, you have such great working dogs (and they're beautiful too!)