28 October 2009

Happy Birthday Rita

Happy 13th Birthday Rita!!!

Rita (Lyons Keiralea Of Varazs) was a Vizsla I imported from Joy Lyons of Florida in January 1997. She was born October 28, 1996 and that makes her 13 years young today! Happy Birthday Rita! Rita developed bilateral entropion, an inward rolling of the eyelid, and since I couldn't use her in my breeding program, I placed her with a couple who already owned one of my dogs, Varazs Summer Solstice "Bob". Rita became a fast and inseparable companion to Bob, who sadly passed away in August of this year just shy of his 14th birthday. See http://varazsvizslas.blogspot.com/2009/08/remembering-bob.html (Bob was a littermate to Jester who crossed the Rainbow Bridge this week.) Rita initially found it hard to be without Bob at her side but I hope she's adjusting now.

Rita has spent most of her 13 years happily living with Karen Johnston and Doug Wheeler. I visited Rita and Bob in August of this year and the photos above were taken of Rita that day. Below are photos of a younger Rita and Bob, taken by Karen Johnston. So enjoy your special day today Rita! Hugs and lots of love.

L - R, Rob and Rita
L - R, Rob and Rita


  1. Thanks Sylvia,
    Today is all about Rita!

    She is doing well. But she doesn't like to be left alone at all.
    So, she goes on more 'car rides' then she ever did before, which seems to make her happy.
    A day doesn't go by that I don't think about Bob and I often wonder if it's the same for Rita?

  2. I wish we knew what our dogs were thinking but I'm certain Rita must miss Bob too. Being with you more, even on car rides, is good for her. Cherish every day you have with Rita and give her an extra hug and kiss from me today.

  3. Happy birthday Rita!! I'm sure that Bob is right by your side, even though we can't see him. Enjoy your special day!