19 October 2009

Handler errors

Well, despite some stupid errors on my part, 3 of my dogs completed their Rally titles this weekend at the London Kennel Association shows & trials in Tillsonburg, Ontario. Miska (aka Am/Can CH Varazs Kiralyi Kedvesem FDJ, FD, NAVHDA NA Prize III, JH, Am/Can CD, Am/Can RN, Am/Can RA, Am/Can RE, CGN born 2003) completed her Cdn Rally Excellent (RE) title in three straight trials. I was thrilled that she did the backing up 3 steps perfectly. Unfortunately, I did some poor handling at one of the jumps and she went around it instead of over. That cost us 3 points and were it not for that mistake, she would have had a perfect score of 100 at one trial. Oh well! Notwithstanding, her scores were 98, 94 & 97.

Congratulations to brothers Tyro and Tucker (formerly Chili) from our 2003 litter. Both completed their CKC Rally Novice titles by earning their final 2 legs and are respectively known as CH Varazs Napkelte Tyrone Am/Can RN, Am RA (Tyro) and CH Varazs Nyar Hot Sauce FDJ RN (Tucker). Early in September, Tyro also earned his American Rally Advanced title which entailed working off leash and the trials were held outdoors with far more interesting smells to be distracted by. So the novice stuff was a lot easier for Tyro and you'd have thought - duh! - with all my experience, I would not be making any stupid handler errors. But I was rushing (big mistake) because of potential conflicts with having to be in the conformation ring (why does this always happen?) and so messed my dogs up. However, Tyro & I did manage a score of 99/100 at one of the trials and got an 86 (where I screwed up and did a station incorrectly). I handled Tucker and he scored 93 and 96. Well done boys!

Tyro (L) and Tucker (R)

And in the conformation ring, Gunner (Varazs Kedves Quincy) born 2008 earned another 2 points on Friday October 17 towards his championship title under Judge James Reynolds. On Saturday, he was Reserve Winners Dog under Thora Brown. On Sunday, he just didn't want to stand for the judge so did nothing more than win his class.

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