26 October 2009

Farewell Jester

Varazs Starbuck's Mocha Java TT "Jester"
August 22, 1995 - October 25, 2009

Owned & cherished by Lorie Way Hrycuik, British Columbia

My deepest sympathies to Lorie on her loss of Jester. It seems like only yesterday when I was getting him ready for the long flight to Vancouver, BC back in October 1995 to meet his new forever family. Rest in peace Jester.

Jester as a 10 week old puppy

Getting ready for the flight to Vancouver
Meeting his new family

Jester hunting
Jester's beautiful head


  1. The time goes by so fast and catches us remembering their first breath in our hands. Our deepest sympathy at the loss of this dear one.

  2. I'm so sorry.
    It's heart wrenching...

  3. We never did get to meet him :-( Comfort to those who are missing Jester as he continues on his journey ...