26 January 2009

Puppy tails, epilepsy study

Before we left for Arizona, I finally had my vet send off the tails from our last litter (born June 16, 2008) to extract DNA for the Vizsla Epilepsy study. I had to wait until all the CKC registrations were complete before I could ship the tails. I also drew blood from Miska and her brother Vadasz (5.5 yr), Tyro (2.5) and Nova who is their mom (9.5 yr.) - all dogs in my breeding program or out of my kennel to send with the tails. To date, none of these dogs have seized but it's still important to participate in health studies like this. It is hoped that one day, a marker will be found for this health problem in Vizslas (as well as a some other breeds).

For more information about health issues and research studies in Vizslas, go to:

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