24 January 2009

Poop, poop & more poop

I am sure that on our street in Glendale, almost every household owns a pet. I hear the dogs bark as I walk my Vizslas along the streets; sometimes they bark at 6 am in the morning when their owners are getting ready for work. I don't often see them though. Maybe they get walked early in the morning or late at night. Clearly some dogs do get walked because I see the evidence - mounds of poop that never gets picked up! There is tons of it around. I am shocked and disgusted at how much dog poop litters the sidewalks, verges and trails here. It reminds me of Italy and France years ago. I couldn't find any "stoop and scoop" regulation for Glendale, other than in the dog parks and on hiking trails in recreation areas. But lots of people still don't bother to clean up on the hiking trails even though there are waste bins and sometimes bags provided.

Most people visiting the leash free parks are pretty good but even there, I've done my civic duty and cleaned up other dogs' waste. Some people totally ignore their dogs at the dog park. One woman was reading her book while her dog played with others and then pooped. I called out, "who owns this dog?" to order to identify the owner so she would clean up after her pet. I'm sure these people wouldn't consider themselves to be irresponsible pet owners. They probably aren't - except for one category.

At one very nice, pet friendly hotel we stayed at in Albuquerque, New Mexico, despite the bags provided to owners, the waste bins, and the signs to clean up after your pet, many guests still didn't.

Dog owners - PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PETS!!! It's not just disgusting to look at, smell, and step in - it's UNHEALTHY to leave dog poop around.


  1. i agree! i take dogs for hikes in vancouver, canada; and i see soo many bags of poo just left on the trail that i continue to see still there the next following weeks. im actually making little tooth pick sized flags to stick into the abanded bags that say things like "oh please magic poop fairy take me away" just so people can see how dumb it is to take the time to bag poo but then leave it in a bag that cant break down into the earth, and they seem to think someone gets paid to pick it up....

  2. That's a great idea about the flags! Hope it works. Let me know as I may try the same thing here. The poop is disgusting!