12 August 2013


Best of Breed

over a Grand Champion and Champion!

Under a Brazilian judge, Elsie, from our 2011 litter (Brick & Miska) took Best of Breed from the classes yesterday at the Kilbride show, defeating two champions, including her brother, Bodi, who is currently #11 Vizsla in Canada. The other Vizsla (Grand Champion) sits in #3 spot.  I guess it was payback time for when Bodi beat Elsie for Best of Breed a year ago at the same show!! Ha, ha! This was Elsie's first Best of Breed.  Over the weekend, she accumulated 3 more points towards her Canadian Champion title.  Way to go Elsie!!  (Official show photo to come.)

Elsie posing with her brother Bodi.

Elsie with Mama Miska in our garden in Moffat

And congratulations to Bodi and his hu-mom for earning two more Grand Champion points when Bodi took Best of Breed on Saturday.


  1. Way to go Elsie! Yes, it's considered an 'upset' when a class dog takes BOB over Specials so well done!!