16 August 2013


Poor Diva!!

Swollen eye

Now the hives

Benadryl didn't work, so off the emergency vet we went.

Waiting for the vet. Can you spot all the bumps on her body?

Poor baby. Her right eye is even more swollen.
The culprit?

A yellow jacket.

3 of our dogs - Miska, Diva & visiting Elsie - got stung.  Tyro was lucky and didn't.  Elsie only had 1 sting but Miska and Diva were stung several times.  Diva had the most stings, including one over her right eye and several on her rump.  I administered Benadryl to all 3 dogs and it seemed to work at first, but after 3 hours, Diva started breaking out into hives and she was terribly, terribly itchy.  Of course, it was late on Friday night so off to the emergency vet we went for a shot of steroids to deal with Diva's hives.  Now, we have Prednisone on hand, just in case!!


  1. Poor Diva, looks pretty bad reaction. Get wells from Blaze.

  2. That looks very nasty. Must have hurt the dogs alot to get stung! Poor things, but especially poor Diva. Hope she's OK now.