13 July 2013

Whose spot is it?

Miska, that is MY spot!!

And that is MY breakfast you're eyeing! 

While I was distracted taking photos of a baby Red-bellied woodpecker at our peanut feeder, Miska took the opportunity to climb onto my chair and check out what I was having for breakfast this morning.  Red-belly baby seen below. Don't know if this is a male or a female fledgling.  Adult males have a red stripe starting at their nose and going over the top of their heads to the nape of their neck while the female is similar but there is a break in the red stripe between the top of the nose & the top of the skull.  Anyway, we are thrilled to know these beautiful birds are breeding on our property and producing young.


  1. Miska - ever hopeful! What a character she is.

  2. Great shots of Miska and what a great picture of the woodpecker! Don't see many of those around.