26 July 2013

Old girls rock!!!


Happy 14th Birthday to Mila (M-OTCH Szuni's Shooting Star UD FDX TD AGI AGDC AADC CGC)!  She was sired by my beloved Sasha (Am/Cdn Ch Varazs Kiraly Sassy Sasha Am/Cdn CDX, Am RAE, FDJ, CGC, CGN).  Her birthday was actually yesterday (July 25).  I am very pleased to report that many of Sasha's kids have lived well into their senior years (12+) and some have reached 13 and now 14!!!  I am hoping his longevity genes carry through to all of his offspring!! 

Happy Barkday Mila!!!  May you live long and be healthy for years to come!!!

Thanks to owner/breeder Susan Scobie of Szuni Reg'd Vizslas for the use of the video (below) and the pictures of Mila which were taken on her 14th birthday.

Below is a video showing Mila beating up her two-year old grandson, Galen, in Vancouver BC where they live.  Despite her senior years and almost white coat, Mila still can dish it out when needed!! Old girls rock!!

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