3 September 2012

Old dog, old & new tricks

Everyone knows it's a myth that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.  Of course you can - if you are a good teacher/trainer that is and take into account the physical condition of the dog.  It's not that the  dog can't learn; the human often simply doesn't have the right skills to train a dog - and it's NOT using Cesar Milan's methods!!!!

Anyway, old dogs LOVE performing their old tricks as well as learning new ones. Here are a couple of photos of Kosmo (CH Szuni's Rising Star FD ADC CGC), who is a daughter of our Sasha and bred by Susan Scobie of Szuni Reg'd Vizslas in Vancouver, BC. Kosmo was born in July 1999. These photos were taken last June (2011) at agility trials in BC just before Kosmo's 12th birthday.  Because Kosmo had such a great time competing, her owner, Arlana Taylor, decided she wasn't ready to retire and so the decision was made to enter Agility Assoc. of Canada agility trails later this month in the Okanagan area of BC at Dog-o-Pogo trials. I am so thrilled that this happening!! I didn't ever retire Sasha and he lived into his 16th year and it was one of the best decisions I ever made for a dog.

So here's to senior dogs and all the wonderful things they are still able to accomplish and have fun doing!


  1. So wonderful to see a senior Vizsla competing in dog sports! Dogs' brains & bodies are like humans - if they don't use them, the lose them!!

  2. Love to see the old ones still having so much fun and enjoying life.