9 September 2012


I am thrilled to announce (although rather belatedly I am afraid) that Bodi (UKC BIS, CH Varazs Mokany Kiralyi Orban FDJ, CGN, URO1; DOB: May 31, 2011) earned a Prize I in Natural Ability from the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Assoc. (NAVHDA) on September 2, 2012.  While the rest of us were enjoying the long, Labour Day weekend in Canada, owner and handler Corrine Sellars was busy competing in this field test at Luther Marsh ON with Bodi.

Bodi showed great field/hunting apititude as an 8-week puppy, immediately launching into a stiff point when he saw a wing-on-a-string.   He also scented and retrieved a dead quail.  I remember exclaiming to Corrine at the time,  "There's your bird dog!"

Bodi pointing

This is MY bird!

So I was pretty confident that Bodi would dog well in field. He earned his CKC Field Dog Hr (FDJ) in May at the age of one year with one near-perfect score of 97/100.  NAVHDA's Natural Ability tests cap the age of the dog at 16 months so he just made it at 15 months.  Not only did Bodi pass the NA test this time, he ACED it!!! He had perfect scores all seven categories:

  1. use of nose
  2. search
  3. water
  4. pointing
  5. tracking
  6. desire to work
  7. co-operation
His seven perfect scores resulted in the highest accolade, a Prize I.  Several Varazs-bred dogs have earned NAVHDA NA titles, but this is the first of our Vizslas to earn a Prize I.  Others have earned a Prize III, including Bodi's mom, Miska. (Prize I is the highest and Prize III is the lowest of the passes.)

VERY, VERY proud owner/handler Corrine with Bodi
Not only was I (as Bodi's breeder), extremely proud of Bodi, I was thrilled for Corrine since she handed Bodi herself. This was Corrine's very first time handling a dog in a field test  since previously, her field trainer, Mike Wilshire of Ruffwood Brittanies, handled Bodi.  I can tell you it's such a big thrill to:

  1. see your Vizsla do what it was originally bred to do: find game and establish point
  2. handle your own dog in a hunt test.
 CONGRATULATIONS  to Bodi and Corrine!! I am very very proud of both of you!

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  1. THANKS! It was a great thrill to handle Bodi myself. I had every confidence in Bodi's abilities and just did my best not to get in his way! Must thank Liz Outram for getting us ready for this test!