21 May 2012

2 Agility titles!

For the first time in 8 years, I entered and ran some agility trials.  The hiatus was largely due to:
  1. knee injuries involving surgery and  casts
  2. too busy raising and showing puppies
  3. too busy doing other stuff with my 3 dogs such as rally, conformation, field and obedience.
So it was really wonderful to return to competition with 8-year old Miska and her 3-year old daughter, Diva at the same venue in Kitchener-Waterloo ON where I had previously trialed with my Vizsla, Keira who was awesome at agility.  In all, despite very high heat and lots of sun this past weekend. we survived our first weekend of agility trials, returning home with 2 new titles and 2 legs towards another title for both Miska and Diva.

In the five trials Miska ran (the club screwed up our sixth), Miska placed 1st every time! And she had 3 clean runs. 

May 19, Judge Danielle Levangie. Trial 1, Novice Select, 16": 100/100 & 1st place. Trial 3, Novice Jumpers with Weaves Select - 100 & 1st.  

May 20, Judge Joan Greenwald, Trial 4: Novice Select, 16": 90/100 & 1st. Trial 5, Novice JWW Select: 90/100 & 1st.  Trial 6, JWW: 100/100 & 1st. New title: Agility Novice Jumpers - Select (AGNJS).   This is Miska's 22nd title.

Miska with her 1st place rosettes and finishing title rosette
Here is Miska running her final Jumpers With Weaves run for her title.  She misses the entrance to the weaves but did them successfully.

Diva ran 6 trials and she's got lots more speed than her mom but she needs more focus on me and also needs to perfect her turns, contacts and jumping technique.  So she actually didn't do as well as her Mom Miska but still managed to get 5 Q's with two 1sts and 3 second place finishes along with a new title of Agility Novice (AgN) so I was very happy.
May 19, Judge Danielle Levangie. Trial 1, Novice B Standard, 20": 85/100 & 2nd place. Trial 2, 100/100 and 1st. Trial 3, Novice B Jumpers with Weaves DNQ - overtime. 

May 20, Judge Joan Greenwald, Trial 4: Novice B Standard, 20": 90/100 & 2nd. Trial 5, Novice B, Jumpers with Weaves: 100/100 & 1st.  Trial 6, JWW: 90/100 & 2nd.
Diva with her agility rosettes


  1. Fantastic work!! Must be a challenge to train & compete with two dogs at the same time. But congratulations on the placements & Q's & new titles! Awesome.

  2. Well done everyone and congrats on the new titles!

  3. Congratulations - that's a lot of work!! Esp with 2 dogs. Well done to all!