10 May 2012

2012 VCA Nationals, Vadasz

It's taking me a little while to post since we just arrived back in the Great White North from a long sojourn in AZ and I am still unpacking and getting settled in.   On our way back to Canada, we did a detour via Huron Ohio where I attended the Vizsla Club of America's 2012 National Specialty show with two Vizslas from my 2003 litter, Vadasz and his sister Miska.  And Miska's son, Bodi, from her 2nd litter was also there.  More about Miska and Bodi later!

Here is a tribute to Vadasz whom I showed in Veteran Sweepstakes and the Best of Breed competitions.  What a sweetie he is!

Here's a link to the Youtube video if the link below doesn't work for you (it won't open on my computer for some reason).

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