7 April 2012

Private boarding

Still being relatively 'new' to the Phoenix-area, the only place I found to board my dogs to date was a commercial boarding kennel in our community.  It's convenient although expensive but the dogs appear to be well taken care of.  However it's entirely indoors (at least I know they are safe from snakes!) but let's face it, I know a lot of the time is spent cooped up in a suite or condo cell and even if they have a TV, I know they don't watch it.  It's not like home.

So I was very happy when I found a private boarding place for our dogs - a home on 4 acres in nearby Cave Creek AZ - with llamas, emus, chickens, a horse and even a giant tortoise.  It's called Llamapalooza Ranch. After checking out the place and meeting the human owner, Pamela and her son Cole, and their menagerie, I found it acceptable and knew Miska, Tyro and Diva would have much more fun here than at the commercial pet 'resort'.  My one concern was rattlesnakes but Pam said in they have only had 2 in the past 8 years and it wasn't in the fenced areas where the animals are but on their front patio. Snakes are very sensitive to vibration and all the pounding of llama, horse & goat hooves probably keeps them away.  At least that's the theory hope.

And after picking them up last night after a 5-day stay while we vacationed in Palm Springs, they were absolutely exhausted!!! Tired dogs are happy dogs!

Llamas & horse

Meeting one of the goats

What kind of canine is that?

What an adorable face!

Whoa - Miska did NOT like the tortoise at first. Look at her body posture and Diva has her hackles up too.

More relaxed now. The tortoise actually likes dogs!

Another boarder with the tortoise

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  1. So nice to have someplace that you can trust to look after the gang. I think I'm with Miska and would have wondered what the heck at that tortoise!