11 April 2012

My first agility Vizsla

Keira (CH Varazs Nekah's Gold Edition Am/Can CD, Am/Can CDX, AGN, NA, NAJ, TT) born June 5, 1997, was an awesome obedience dog and my first agility Vizsla.  Today is the seventh anniversary of her death and I still think of her and miss her.

My thoughts of Keira have been more frequent in the past year as I competed with Miska in Open obedience and now as I train Miska and Miska's daughter, Diva, in agility.  Keira did extremely well in obedience and breezed through her trials, often with high scores.  I don't know if she ever didn't pass a trial.  Miska has been totally different with many, many "did not qualify", especially in Open.  Mind you, Miska is an awesome hunting dog which Keira wasn't.

Keira doing well in Open (CDX) obedience in the US
I recall the weekend I headed to Niagara Falls NY for 2 days of AKC Open obedience trials with Keira.  She had already earned one leg - and 2nd place - at the Vizsla National events in Charlotte, NC in Oct. 2001.  Well, we returned from Niagara Falls with her CDX title, passing both trials, including placing High in Class and getting a second place in her other trial - something I never expected to do but was absolutely joyful about!  Believe me, people were very envious of our success!! 

But the most fun I had was doing agility with Keira.  She proved to be fast and very good at it and she earned 3 titles and one leg in AKC Open Standard before being diagnosed with hepatic hemangiosarcoma which took her life all too soon in 2005.   

It has taken me several years to get back into agility. I have two very good prospects - Miska and Diva  - so I hope to relive the thrills and fun that I had with Keira in this fun sport. Thanks for the great times Keira!


  1. I don't believe I have heard you mention Kiera before. She was beautiful and those pictures look like they were some very special memories. Hugs on the anniversary day.

  2. Can't believe it's been 7 years! I remember the day I met you. As I was leaving, Keira hopped up on a chair and "kissed" me on the nose with her nose while holding a tennis ball in her mouth. Lots of hugs - Corrine