2 March 2011

New Patio Mats

My dogs absolutely LOVE Bowsers' Beds.  However here in AZ I didn't want to place any Bowsers' Dutchie & Donut Beds outdoors where scorpions and other nasty critters could find a new home. I thought seriously about buying elevated beds for them.  But one day I popped into Bed Bath & Beyond in Chandler, AZ (love that store but the prices in its Canadian stores are ultra-high) and saw these bone-shaped, memory foam mats and bought 3. They look like they will wash easily and they are cushiony enough to provide comfort while lying on the patio.  Tyro and Diva try them out.

PS - they cost me $29.95 $29.99 each.

Tyro gives one a test try

It works outdoors!

I think I like it!

Diva models one

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