1 March 2011


On and off for the past while, I've been trying to teach Miska and Diva to weave using Susan Garrett's 2 X 2 method. I say "trying" because the training hasn't been serious. And then, Companion Dog training school, where we training last summer didn't use the 2 X 2 method. They use the channel method so the dogs were switched to that method. So when we came to AZ this winter, I brought 5 stick-in-the-ground, made-at-home weave poles with me to resume teaching them the 2X2 method. It was a challenge setting them into the ground here. Our backyard is xerascaped so we have no grass; it's all granite gravel over soil. Since the ground is rock hard, the poles wouldn't stand straight but it was better than nothing. More successful was going to a local park where there is grass. But when we started classes with the local agility club, I learned that they teach the straight method using guide wires. Yet another method!

To make a long story short, I ordered some new training weave poles and guide wires from the local pet supplier. I set 6 poles up in our bedroom (which is HUGE) to restrict the 'habitat'(one of Susan Garrett's terms). After 1-2 sessions where Miska and Diva went through the poles a couple of times, I set up my video camera to film the results. Miska (at 7.5 yr of age) made more mistakes initially - jumping over the guide wires or going under so I lowered the wires for her. Here are the results after just 2-3 practice sessions lasting 1-2 minutes.

This is Diva (aged 2.5 yr)

This is Miska (aged 7.5 yr)


  1. Nice job on the weaving! I like those guide wires!! It gives the dogs a clear idea what they have to do.

  2. Weaving is so unnatural and this is always (almost always) the biggest agility challenge for dogs. A shaping purist would poo-poo the guide wires. I hope to get rid of them ASAP.

  3. Shandy grasped weaving really quickly and without any aids like wires. I'm not even sure what I did so differently with her, as both Pash and Cirrus never really got them! Pia is also not understanding them at the moment, so it's always good to try different techniques, as each dog has a different way of approaching new tasks. Have fun!