8 June 2010

Our beautiful Nova

CH Ferngold Varazs Innovation 
Can/Am CD FDJ, JH, Am/Can RA, Am RE, Am RAE, CGN
June 6, 1999 - June 8, 2009

This is a very very difficult day for me.  One year ago, June 8th, just 3 days after her 10th birthday, we had to say goodbye to our beautiful Nova. My grief is still very strong and lots of tears are being shed right now.

Nova was such a fun loving, playful and humorous Vizsla (a lot like her dad Drum in that regard) and it was such a pleasure to share her company. She drove us crazy with her bed humping and bed dragging but then those behaviours became the very ones we miss the most because now it means she's no longer with us. Dogs like Nova always leave a huge hole in my heart and Nova's absence is strongly felt. I'm so grateful that I have hundreds of photos of her and many memories of all the things we did together. Nova is still profoundly missed.

Nova (R) with her daughter Miska; looks like she's chewing bubble gum

 Miska (L) and Nova (R), June 2009

Farewell Nova. I wish goodbye had not been so soon.


  1. Why do the good ones seem to leave us early? Sorry for your loss. Only time will heal your grief and then Nova's memories will make you smile rather than cry. Feeling your pain.

  2. We miss Nova too. She was a wonderful dog & mom to our Lucy.