26 June 2010

Canine good neighbour

Our Tyro became our newest Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) today at a test held by the Vizsla Society of Ontario at their annual Fun Day. Despite the pouring rain drumming down on the fibreglass roof of the training centre and the swallow or swift doing flight circuits indoors and driving many dogs crazy, Tyro gave me great focus on the heeling pattern, did a fantastic recall & sit stay, showed no fear or excitement walking through a crowd of strangers with buggies, crutches, hats, etc. In other words, he aced all the tests with the exception of one - during the 3 minute stay with me out of sight, he got up from his down position and started to wonder where I was. However, this still qualified as a pass and now Tyro can add the letters CGN to his official registered name. Woo hoo Tyro! Great work.


  1. Good job Mr. T!

  2. CGN is not as easy as some people think, so congratulations indeed to Mr Tyro! That's a nice title to have :-)