21 April 2009

Zsofi visits!

Earlier this month, we had the privilege of dog sitting Nova's daughter & Miska's sister, Zsofi (CH Varazs Kiralyi Szofia FDJ NAVHDA NA Prize II), while her human, Jill, went on vacation. It had been a couple of years - at least - since I'd seen Zsofi so I was thrilled to have her visit. And she didn't disappoint. What a beautiful, lovely and sweet Vizsla she is (although I discovered she's a "secret' counter surfer, only doing it when everyone is out of the room).

As she has aged, it's become more evident how much like her dad, Sasha, she is becoming. Zsofi has inherited a gorgeous head (well both her parents have lovely heads), especially those beautiful parallel lines that her dad had, and also the thick hair with a wave, around her neck that Sasha had. Plus her hips came back as "excellent" in a preliminary evaluation (Sasha had OFA excellent rated hips). And some of her behaviours also reminded me of Sasha. From both parents, Zsofi inherited a deep chest and good forechest. Sometimes a breeder doesn't keep the right dog and Zsofi was the one I should have kept for breeding from this litter. Unfortunately for me, she has been spayed.

Anyway, Zsofi enjoyed her stay her with us and I was very sad to see her go home but was grateful and happy to have seen her again. Jill, we can't go so long again for another visit and walk!

Tyro (L) & Zsofi (R)

L-R: Tyro, Zsofi, Diva, Nova (mother of Tyro & Zsofi)

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