25 April 2009

Milo earns CKC RE title!

Milo became the first Varazs-bred dog to earn a CKC Rally Excellent title on Friday April 24 in St. Catharines Ontario. If you've been following my posts, you'll know that the Corrine-Milo team has really been on a roll this year, earning title after title - in fact, this is their 6th in four months! That too is a record. And they also happened to earn several placements as you can see from Milo's 'software' in the photo. As well, they picked up his first RAE leg (Rally Adv-Ex) on Friday of which 9 more are needed. AWESOME work you two! Keep it up!!!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that is a nice role model to look up to for Blaze !