4 June 2014

Busy Birthday Bees!

Stella and Bodi (from our 2011 breeding between Brick and Miska born May 31) who just celebrated their 3rd birthday, were very busy on their birthdays earning new titles!!!  Stella and her hu-mom competed in a Cdn Association of Rally Obedience (CARO) trial to earn her Rally Advanced (RA) title and Bodi was in the US completing his Americah Kennel Club (AKC) Rally Novice (RN) title.  So two sibs and two titles on their third birthday! 

Bodi in repose with his new title (Rally Novice) rosette and ribbons!

Stella's mom showing off their gorgeous rosette for Stella's new title (Rally Advanced).
And Bodi also earned two more AKC Coursing Ability Advanced legs while he was at it on his birthday weekend. That's as in "lure coursing"!

Bodi chasing the 'bunny'
Way to go kids!!!

PS - photos are courtesy of the dogs' owners.

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