21 January 2014


Major Milestone for Miska!

This past weekend in Tempe AZ, Miska (born June 26, 2003) achieved her 40th title, earning her American Kennel Club Agility Excellent Standard Preferred (AXP) title.  Of all the dogs I've bred, trained and owned, Miska has far exceeded all my expectations.  She is SUPER DOG!!!  And she is the most titled dog I've ever owned or bred.  We've had a ton of fun over the past decade.  And just think what we could/would have accomplished if I hadn't also been busy showing many of her littermates as well as her puppies!!

At 10.5 years of age, Miska isn't about to retire.  She's still a very sound dog, in great physical and mental shape and we are still having waaaaaay too much fun in agility to retire.  I am hoping there  will be several more new titles to add to her name in 2014!!!  Way to go Miska!!! I love you sooo much!  Today, you made your papa (Sasha), mama (Nova) and me very, very proud.

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