16 February 2013

AZ agility school

Here's a snap of part of the agility school where we train. It's owned and operated by the Jumping Chollas Agility Club which is about 15 minutes drive from my house. There are two HUGE fields covered in artificial turf (in a desert, this makes a whole lotta sense).  Classes run at night which is why the lights are needed.  Classes are very structured and the instructors are pretty terrific for the most part. There is a low student to instructor ratio and class fees are very cheap compared to what I have to pay in Canada.  I like that!!

Diva waiting her turn on the course

Diva keeping warm


  1. I'm jealous! What a great facility.

    1. Yes, we're very lucky to have such as great club & training facility in such close proximity. It took a while to find it since we are still pretty new to the area but all in all, we lucked out!!