25 November 2012

NOT impressed with Kurgo!

Two - 2! - weeks ago, I purchased a Kurgo collaps-a-bowl.  In only two - count 'em - 2 weeks and with minimal usage, it has now developed a large split along the bottom fold rendering it totally useless.  And each time I had to use it on yesterday's walk, the split just got bigger and bigger.

Readers may recall my post about the Dexas collapsible bowl.  Well after 8 months of use, it's proved to be exceptionally durable. So why did I buy a Kurgo bowl?  Well, unfortunately, I left my Dexas bowl back in Canada and the only collapsible bowl I could readily find in a store was the Kurgo. 

I left a negative review of the Kurgo collaps-a-bowl on their website.  I wonder if they'll publish it. (Only highly positive reviews currently appear.)  In the meantime, I've also sent an email to Kurgo voicing my extreme dissatisfaction with their product.  Wonder if they will reply.

So, two BIG THUMBS UP to Dexas collapsible bowls & two big thumbs DOWN to Kurgo.  I'm going back to DEXAS!!!

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  1. Good to know about your recommendation. Thanks!