15 March 2012

Bath time!

Dust, rather than mud, is the culprit here in Arizona. After all, the state is virtually one big desert. I made a resolution to bathe my dogs once per month. It's only 3 months into the new year and I already missed February.  Well, it was a short month and we had lots of house guests and visitors so I have a good excuse.

Bathing my dogs in our AZ house is a bit of a challenge since the showers don't have hand-held wands. So I bought a cheap rubber attachment for the bathtub.  Lifting them in and out is and reaching to bathe them is a little hard on my back.  For now I'm coping but I understand now why mobile grooming is so popular in our community.

Tyro's turn

Tyro getting wet

Tyro's done!

Miska's turn

Get me outta here!

Thank goodness this happens only once / month!
These dog grooming products cost more than my hair products!!!

This makes their coats nice and silky and shiny!

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