8 February 2012

Green & other colours

Five days of dog competitions in Phoenix AZ (Papago Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Phoenix, Sahuaro Kennel Club and the Lost Dutchman KC) equaled 10 rally-obedience trials for Tyro and frankly, we were both fried at the end of them.  Tyro, however, did me proud and brought home a sea of green qualifying ribbons as well as several placement ribbons of various colours for a total of 10 "Q's" (qualifying scores) and 5 American Kennel Club RAE legs.  Ten RAE 'legs' are needed for an RAE title so he achieved 50% in one long weekend of trials.  Tyro had to pass both Advanced and Excellent categories at the same trial to earn one RAE leg.  And this weekend, he also earned 7 placements:  one First, one Second, four Thirds and one Fourth.  Well done Tyro!