29 December 2010

2 New International Champions!

Both Miska and her daughter, Diva, strutted their stuff at a recent International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA) all breed dog show in Tucson AZ on Dec. 11-12 and each earned an International Champion (UCI CB) title.  This type of organization is quite different from the Cdn or American Kennel Clubs because the shows are not competition-based. Each dog is judged against the breed standard.  Each judge gives each dog a written critique encompassing 12 different parts of a dog's body and movement. If a dog does well (gets the top score at each show), an adult dog can earn an International Title in three shows. Group and BIS competitions do not affect title points and missing a group or a BIS has no effect on title standings and points.

Both Miska and Diva accumulated four V-1 ratings which is equivalent to "Very Excellent" (the top rating for adult class) although only 3 are needed for an International Title.

Proud Vizsla mum with Diva (L) and Miska (R)

Miska (L) and Diva (R) posing with their IABCA medallions

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  1. Yay! Glad to hear you made it to the IABCA shows! We had huge fun at ours and hope that you too enjoyed yourselves! Congrats - I still await my official "titles" and then we'll have a photo session with the girls and their title certs and medals. Fun!