27 November 2010

Ruby1 Reunion!

Not since I put little Ruby1 (so called #1 because another owner of one of our puppies named their Vizsla Ruby so to distinguish them, I refer to them as Ruby1, born June 26, 2003 and Ruby2, born June 17, 2006) on an airplane to her new home in British Columbia almost 7.5 years ago, had I seen her. BTW, her registered name is Varazs Kiralyi Rubicund. So I was delighted to receive an email from Ruby1's owner to say they had moved to Toronto which is a heck of a lot closer to me than Vancouver, BC!  So a reunion was in the works. We also got together with Ruby's grandmother, Bree owned by Eileen Wilkes, her sister Miska and brother Vadasz as well as a niece (Diva) and nephew (Quest) as well as 2 more of Eileen's dogs.  We had lovely weather in late November so the walk was very pleasant.  It was lovely to see Ruby again and I must say, she looked incredibly young!! Barely or no white hairs on her face, unlike her sister Miska & brother Vadasz.

L-R  Ruby, grandma Bree & sister Miska
The entire gang

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  1. Oh, I am only just reading the latest entries here and catching up - so HAPPY to see that you got to meet with Ruby. I hope Liza is well - have lost contact with her, but knew she was in Toronto. Great to see Shandy's sister again!!