7 February 2010

Memories of Nova

I'll start off by writing that I'm a very sentimental and pretty emotional person.  I tear up even when singing the national anthem which is low on my emotional scale. So I knew that the shows and rally obedience trials in Phoenix AZ were going to be rough for me because they were the last that my beloved Nova participated in before she passed away.  She finished her AKC Rally Advanced-Excellent (RAE) title one year ago in Phoenix and was Best of Opposite Sex in the Veteran Sweepstakes and only female Veteran in the Rio Salado Vizsla Specialty Show. Little did I know that these would be the very last shows & trials that she would ever participate in.

When I returned to the same show site this year, I wasn't able to enter the building where I had crated the dogs for rally obedience. The memories of Nova are still too strong. I was glad that this year's rally ring was at the opposite end of the building so it felt different.   The Specialty Show, however, was in the same ring as last. So I tried to keep busy, staving off thoughts of her by volunteering to help the Vizsla club set up. That really helped.

But I guess the worst part was visiting the dog park where I took our four dogs last year. I thought I was ready and initially felt OK to go there.  After Sunday's shows & rally trials, I took Miska, Tyro & Diva for an outing because they needed to let off steam. I still have vivid memories and photos of Nova there.

Nova, 9.5 years old

Below: Nova (L) with Tyro (R rear) & Miska at the dog park
thought I could deal with being in the park although I have vivid memories and photos of Nova there.  Initially I was fine.  There was a 6-month old Vizsla there for my dogs to play with and talking to the owners took my mind off Nova. It wasn't until I got home that I broke down.  Then all the tears began.  Oh Nova, how I miss you sweetie!

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  1. I can relate Sylvia. Some memories are so vivid.

    Since Bob passed away it has been really hard taking Rita to the vets alone. Rita was always so stressed when she went to the vets so we always brought Bob along which seemed to calm her down. Now everytime I walk into the damn place with Rita and no Bob I have to fight back the tears.

    Your photo of Tyro and Nova at the show reminded me of just how beautiful Vizslas are.