31 December 2009

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone good health, friendship, prosperity, love and success in 2010. 

December 31st is special for another reason too. It's the day the puppies from our very first litter were born in 1992. Our beloved Sasha would be 17 today if he were still alive.  And Happy Birthday to Bill L. and Robby H. who owned Zoe and Jiggs from our 1992 litter. They shared the same birthdays as their Vizslas. And birthday greetings to Tracey C., another Vizsla owner but not one of ours.  Thinking about all of you today!!

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  1. My husband and I both grew up with dogs and we’re preparing to get our first dog together. We both love Vs and have done quite a bit of research on the breed, but I have a few concerns about whether or not we’d make the best Vizsla parents. Though we’re extremely active and spend much of our free time outdoors, we live in a yard-less condo. We’re also both teachers and are unfortunately going to be out of the house from about 7-3:30 M-F during most of the year. I don’t want to to bring a wonderful dog into our home and leave him feeling abandoned during the day, and I’m worried that a Vizsla might struggle with our work schedule and living situation. At the same time, the V’s energy level, hardiness, and love of people are three of the main qualities that have attracted us to the breed.
    I’m hoping that you might be able to share your expertise and offer some insight! I would love to bring a V into the family, but it just might not be the right fit. What do you think? Will a Vizsla do OK in our condo if we can provide lots of exercise and attention after work and on the weekends?
    Thanks for your thoughts!