22 November 2009

Shandy does well in Rally!

Today Shandy and her owner Chrissie Diron braved the elements (cold wind, torrential rain and on the way home snow too!) to attend the CKC rallyO trials in Courtenay, BC.  They had a great day though - brought home 2 "legs" towards her RA (rally advanced) title! Good scores (94/100 and 96/100 respectively), the latter earned her 2nd in class.  They will have to wait until the New Year to get to any more events like this, but with just one leg of her CKC RA to go and one leg of her CARO RE, Chrissie is confident they can look forward to 2 new titles in 2010 :-). Congratulations to Chrissie & Shandy!

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